Welcome to 2023 with Fox Therapy!

Now that 2022 is over and 2023 has just begun, I’ve been reflecting on everything that’s happened for Fox Therapy last year.

A photo of Kathryn Lees in their office. They are a white, teal-haired non-binary person wearing a zebra-print shirt and light blue glasses. They are smiling slightly at the camera.


This year I continued to see all of my clients online, meaning people from around the U.K. have continued to have accessible therapy with me. It’s such a joy to see people from around the country (and, under some special circumstances, from outside of the country, too!).

A shot of the art on the walls of the Fox Therapy office. The art is mostly brightly coloured, with lots of orange, and most of the pieces are A4. They say things like ‘BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF’ and ‘TALK TO YOURSELF LIKE YOU WOULD TALK TO SOMEONE THAT YOU LOVE.’

I attended lots of online training, picking up new tools to help clients around self-esteem, trauma-related guilt, inner critic work, sexual trauma, breath work, OCD, and therapeutic creativity. I focused my reading on learning new care tools for neurodivergent people this year, and a favourite was ‘How to Keep House While Drowning’ by KC Davis, a gentle guide to helping neurodivergent people who feel overwhelmed with daily care.

The cover of How to Keep House While Drowning by KC Davis.

As part of my therapeutic practice this year, I’ve been branching out into public speaking and running training courses so I can help even more people. I had the honour to speak about trans mental health for young people at Northern Pride in the summer, and this winter I worked with a Counselling charity to run a training course called The Trans Guide to Working with Sexual Trauma. I was also interviewed about running a size-inclusive practice, something that is so important to me as a person-centred therapist.

Kathryn speaking on a wooden stage at Northern Pride.

The Fox Therapy office also welcomed two new occupants to join our usual Employee of the Month, Minx. We welcomed Wrex and Dax to the household, who lived in the office for a month before venturing out to the rest of the house. They’ve been working hard to bring energy and joy to the house!

Two kittens, Wrex and Dax, make themselves at home in the Fox Therapy office. Dax is being stroked by Kathryn while Wrex meows at the camera.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings for my clients and me. I’m hoping to focus on personal development as well as helping my clients to do the same! Here’s to a new year full of empathy, self-discovery, and respect for all.

Kathryn relaxes with Wrex in a sofa with lots of cushions.