Scheduled Time Off

I’m taking some time off (and off social media) to relax, recharge, and enjoy my upcoming birthday from Friday the 31st of July to Tuesday the 4th of August. I’ll be replying to any calls or emails I’ve received during my time off on the 4th.

Even though we’re still kind of in lockdown, I’m looking forward to lowkey partying with my partner and my cat!

I’m also very happy to be supporting the Black Therapy Matters fund for my birthday. I pick a charity to donate to every year for my birthday, and this year I’ve chosen Black Therapy Matters, a fund that helps Black psychotherapy trainees in the U.K. to qualify and care for themselves. Being a therapist is such a joy, and Black therapy trainees deserve to have jobs they love with all the support they can get.

I’ll see you next week. Have an amazing weekend!

One Life, Hartlepool, TS24 7PW – and online.