Black Lives Matter

I’m committed to keeping my therapy practice anti-racist.

As a white therapist in a profession that centres other white therapists in terms of training, visibility, and employment, I’ll be working on this for my whole life, and I promise not to stop that work.

Going forward, I’ll be increasing the amount of paid therapy training I engage in that’s led by Black and Indigenous people of colour, especially Black trans women and Black disabled people of all genders. I’ll be buying more academic books written by Black mental health workers, as well as more non-fiction books written by Black people who have experienced mental illness.

I’ll also build up my list of resources and trusted therapists of colour for any Black person in England who may be seeking help with their mental health so that they don’t have to see me, or any other white therapist, if that doesn’t feel safe for them.

I’m making a commitment to listen to more people of colour, and to listen intently. I’m making a promise that I won’t look away.

Everybody deserves to be heard and everybody deserves to feel emotionally, physically, and institutionally safe.

Black lives matter.

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